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Cytta Launches Marketing of the new SUPR™ V2000 Video Compression Solution Optimized for Low Bandwidth

940 Days ago

Small, Light and Powerful SUPR™ V2000 System Exceeds Expectations for UAV’s

Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Las Vegas, Nevada, Oct 22nd, 2019 – Cytta Corp (OTCPINK:CYCA) is pleased to announce the commercial availability of its’ V2000 (second generation) lightweight SUPR™ video compression solution. The SUPR™ V2000 compression solution creates a compelling beyond line of sight (BLOS) solution for small unmanned aerial vehicles (SUAV).

Following on our first client sales of the SUPR™ V1000 solution, the Company now announces major market availability of the new 2nd generation lightweight V2000 products and their upgraded capabilities.  Contact info@cytta.com for a SUPR™ V2000 brochure.

Cytta’s Original Design Manufacture (ODM) and channel sales partners have been invaluable in assisting Cytta to fast track the miniaturization of the SUPR™ video compression solution. Cytta is now making the market introduction of its new V2000 SUPR™ system as a complete encoder/decoder solution capable of dramatically improved performance compared to MPEG-type solutions such as H.264/H.265. 

The new SUPR™ V 2000 solution is light (8 oz), small (3” x 4” x 5”) and powerful. It is optimized to seamlessly transmit High Definition (HD) video at 1 fps at only 7 Kbps and HD at 10 fps at 200 Kbps. The SUPR™ compression solution is unparalleled in the lower satellite bandwidth arena, while providing even better results at higher bandwidths.

SUAVs depend upon lightweight components to maximise range, endurance and operational use. However, until now, the size, weight and power requirements of conventional compression systems made it impossible to stream HD and 4K video in real time, and to take advantage of the higher speed connectivity provided by today’s small lower bandwidth satellite networks for smaller UAVs.

“Much can be done with the utility of the SUPR™ compression solution that can maximize the effectiveness of a global, 200 Kbps satellite connection. Thanks to the SUPR™ solution, all smaller UAV operators – militaries, government, law enforcement, first responders, and commercial users worldwide – can now routinely use lower bandwidth satellite connections to transmit live HD video utilizing as little as 7 Kbps,” stated CEO Gary Campbell.

Mr. Campbell further stated, “Our success in maximizing streaming capability of available bandwidth comes from the ability of the SUPR™ compression algorithm to allow you to specifically define your needs. SUPR™ then it optimizes the connectivity setup to follow. SUPR™ allows you to set multiple configuration files based upon desired parameter (e.g. frame rate and bandwidth) and alter them remotely while on the fly.”

The SUPR™ solution allows the SUAV to connect back to base via lower bandwidth satellite connections This provides a reliable real time HD video stream from a beyond line of sight SUAV, a command and control communications link, as well as a real time feed from multiple on-board payload sensors.

For true surveillance and monitoring, it is vital that operators get near real time visual feedback of the video captured. Previously, smaller tactical UAVs had limited connectivity, meaning that all viewing and decision-making had to be within line of sight or after the airframe returned, by which time the data will often have lost its tactical or commercial value.

With the SUPR™, operators can monitor real time video from the UAV, and send flight commands to the UAV in real time. By making immediate route adjustments based upon the high-resolution (HD or 4K) video feed, as and when necessary, not only does this significantly enhance mission flexibility but it can help to protect the UAV and other airspace users should it need to avoid potential threats or return to base.

A small UAV’s combined weight has a large impact on its endurance and operational flexibility. By utilizing a low power, lightweight SUPR™ solution that is smaller and lighter than any low bandwidth capable compression solution on the market, it not only improves the UAV’s mission visual capabilities and range, but significantly expands its payload capability and thereby its commercial and strategic value.

SUPR™ is a robust high-resolution low bandwidth photo and video communications solution. The award-winning SUPR™ (Superior Utilization of Processing Resources) is optimized for the quickest transfer and the least capacity requirement maintaining uninterrupted full quality high resolution of the entire video stream, even over unknown and unreliable channels.

Our new SUPR™ V2000 generation products will serve as a catalyst for Cytta to drive growth and market penetration into the multi billion-dollar market for commercial, government and military communications improvement technologies.

About Cytta Corp

Cytta Corp. is in the business of imagineering, developing and marketing disruptive and paradigm shifting compression technologies which are effective at very low bandwidths. Cytta Corp. has created and made sales of its V1000 Cytta Connect™ SUPR™ productized version of a Video/Image Compression system integrating the SUPR™ compression technology.  Cytta is now marketing the remarkably smaller 2nd generation V2000 of the SUPR™ compression sytem now combined with revolutionary computer capability from an OED partner in its new series of operational systems.  Cytta has commenced initial client presentations of its integrated 2nd generation V2000 SUPR™ system and has now completed the build/design of mini V2000 SUPR™ compression system no bigger than a whiteboard eraser!  Our new SUPR™ 2nd generation products will serve as a catalyst for Cytta to drive growth and market penetration into the multi billion-dollar market for commercial, government and military satellite communications improvement technologies.  Learn more at www.cytta.com.

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